MOA: 5 Years and Going Strong

The Marianna Outdoorsmen Association is proud to announce that we have been in existence for over 5 years and we continue to strive to expand our programs to many surrounding communities. We encourage you to participate in our upcoming events and hope that you will be as excited as we are this year with the many new things we are offering.

It is our goal to help others experience the great outdoors in a safe and fun environment and to introduce them to many activities that are packed with excitement. In an effort to continue these exceptional programs, we encourage you to join the many others who have so generously helped us to provide great experiences to those in the community. Without their help, and yours, our one-of-a-kind organization would not be able to help others explore everything the great outdoors has to offer. With great pride we continue to grow and certainly hope you too will become a new member and join the fun!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Bryan Schmidt
Marianna Outdoorsmen Association – President

MOA History

The idea of the MOA began circa 2005. Jason came to me with an idea to stock trout in our segment of Ten Mile Creek in Marianna. We were trout fisherman who had to travel to the Laurel Highlands and beyond to fish for trout. The goal was to raise enough funds to bring the fish closer to our town and to the people of the surrounding areas. We sold a $500 ticket that year. We put $500 worth of fish into a two-mile section of Ten Mile creek. It was a mild success.

The wheels started turning and hosting a canoe race was an idea. A local business hosted The Tipsy Canoe Race for years before suspending it around 2000 because of an accident. It was a perfect way to get people involved, utilize our natural resource, promote our area, and to accomplish our original goal of stocking trout. At that point, the one and only, Marianna Canoe Race, was born.

The MOA received the non-profit status of a 501(C)(3) in early 2014. It was a long journey up until this point, and the future looks bright.

Membership Information please call:
Jason: 724-579-0924 or Chad: 724-825-2883

Fishing Rules Violation and Fish/Game Law Violation please call:
Chad: 724-825-2883

Member Campsites & Non-Member Fishing Please Call for availability:
Jason: 724-579-0924 or Ezra: 724-705-2850

Building and Grounds Rental:
Ezra: 724-705-2850

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